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*leaves this here and backs away*

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Oh, so when SeaWorld doesn’t say anything about the slaughters it’s “WHY AREN’T THEY SPEAKING UP? Do they like dolphins being slaughtered? I bet they buy dolphins from there all the time.”

But when they do protest it and take a stand against it, it’s “Oh look, SeaWorld trying to raise their PR.” “They don’t give a damn about dolphins.” “They are a joke.” “Fuck SeaWorld.”

SeaWorld just can’t catch a break. No matter what they do, it’s wrong.

And no, they DON’T import dolphins caught in drive hunts. They stopped doing that in the 80s (they viewed it as saving a few animals that were otherwise going to be slaughtered, as more than 99% of the animals are slaughtered anyway and it IS primarily for meat and “pest control”), and even if they were so fucked up they wanted to, it would be impossible as it is illegal to import any cetacean caught in a drive hunt into the US.

Stop spreading lies.

Protest and take a stand?

This is lip service. If Seaworld actually wanted to make a stand, REALLY wanted to make a difference, they’d stop doing business with parks that buy from Taiji. They’d denounce those parks as going against conservation and protection for cetaceans. They’d be doing tons of work raising awareness and encouraging people to boycott marine parks that buy from the drive hunts. They’d put pressure on parks not to buy from the drive hunts. Do they actually do any of that? Of course not, because it doesn’t make any money.

That’s what pisse sme off so much about this whole thing, that they could be massive movers and shakers in the Taiji issue and Grindarap but they instead make a twitter post and y’all procaps act like they’re saving the universe when in reality they haven’t done shit, as usual.

The fact that you even consider Seaworld’s spiel of “saving” those animals from Taiji is astounding. They didn’t go there to rescue animals. They went there because it was easy to get new stock for their parks, please don’t be so deliberately ignorant.

The fact that people on tumblr have done more for the dolphins of Taiji than a multimillion dollar company that claims to vehemently oppose drive hunts should say something to you.

Can I just also add that, nimwey, you’ve gotten a few things wrong here.

Firstly, while Seaworld doesn’t deal directly with Taiji fishermen (anymore), it does deal with Kamogawa Seaworld, who do buy from drive fisheries. Kamogawa Seaworld is also very closely tied to Port of Nagoya, who openly state that they are willing to buy from drive fisheries and live captures companies. 

Also, Seaworld is currently in the process of moving Kirara from Kamogawa Seaworld.  Kirara’s parents were ‘entangled in nets’ - an excuse used annually at Taiji and other dolphin slaughter sites when capturing Pacific White Sided Dolphins as they panic so much they throw themselves onto rocks and as such cannot be brought into the cove. Seaworld’s own application for Kirara states her parents were ‘collected in a set net procedure’. 

Finally, the Taiji slaughter does not kill 99% of dolphins captured. In the 2011/2012 hunt 6% of the captured dolphins were taken into captivity, while another 6% were released. 

In the 2012/2013 hunt, the number of dolphins taken into captivity was 16%, while another 22% were released. 

In the 2013/2014 hunt, 10% were captured and 31% released. 

So no, 99% of those dolphins driven into the cove are not going to be killed. Some are going to be taken into captivity, some older/scarred/’ugly’ dolphins are going to be put through the stress of a drive, watching their family members (mostly their calves and younger relatives) dragged away kicking and screaming all the while, and being forced back out to sea all so someone just like you can sit in a stadium and watch a pretty dolphin perform tricks for your amusement. 

More and more dolphins every year are being driven into Taiji to fuel to captive industry, the entire month of September in the Taiji is dedicated to capturing bottlenose dolphins (none are allowed to be slaughtered). But with the price of a dead dolphin around 500 US $, while a live dolphin could be up to 150,000 US $, it’s not hard to work out why Taiji is fueled by captivity. 

And yet through all this, all Seaworld did was make on tweet saying how they, as a company don’t support the Taiji fishermen. Well whoop-dee-fucking-doo, that should solve everything.

Also, dolphin meat demands are dropping dramatically in Japan, particularly in urban areas (92% of the country and growing), literally all that keep Taiji up and running is captivity. But yeah, that tweet (in English btw - clearly directed at Seaworld supporters, and not at the actual people who can either do something in Japan, or are actually involved in Taiji) is really something. 

Yep. There really isn’t much demand for dolphin meat in Japan; many of the dolphins that do get slaughtered go to waste. But a live dolphin? That can go for quite a bit of money. That’s where the real profit is.

SeaWorld is basically the biggest captive orca company. They have lots of presence and lots of money. They really could do a lot of good for wild and captive cetaceans if they tried. But doing an obligatory post on social media once in a while isn’t really enough. For an example of doing good, take the Houston Zoo. For quite a while they would post nearly every day urging social media followers to sign a petition to ban the trade of any elephant ivory in Texas. They weren’t just saying “elephant poaching is bad”, they were telling people what they could do to help stop it, and they reposted this petition constantly to ensure more people saw it. In addition to promoting their own conservation projects, (they organize beach clean-ups and wildlife tours) they also promote outside ones as well. How often does SeaWorld promote research and conservation stuff outside of their own company? I’ve been to a number of zoos that urge guests not to purchase certain exotic pets, because many were taken from the wild to the point where the wild populations are at risk, and many of these pets are improperly cared for, and so on. And most of these zoos are non-profit! SeaWorld is a large, for-profit corporation that has much more influence. They could cut off business with ANY place that has anything to do with getting animals from the drive hunts. They could donate money to causes and awareness campaigns to help stop the hunts. They could urge followers to avoid any place that acquires dolphins from drive hunts. But all they’ve done so far is say “We disagree with it”.

^^^ All of that.
nimwey it just seems like everytime you make a post, you are either severely misguided or vehemently trying to maintain your ignorance.
This is PR, nothing more. A pod is being driven into the cove right this second, and SeaWorld isn’t going to do a damn thing about it. Now or ever. (Oh, except maybe a tweet here and there. Wow such dedication!!1)

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I feel like this one needs to be on it’s own

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Repo! The Genetic Opera text post meme

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Late night Weather.

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It’s scary to think that there are words meant for me but were never said to me.

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