Well...What can I say? I'm a pre-med college student that's socially awkward, generally weird, and borderline insane. This is mostly a place for me to share things I like and how I feel during any particular moment. From depressed to demented to happy to horny. This blog is about the ride. Oh and I'm white male cis scum. Probably a bunch of other things that makes me literally Satan


a small personal diagram


Humanswithdreams is forcing me to post this.

Oh gosh, I really hope all the colors came out right; my laptop has a really weird screen, you see, and pretty often everything turns out too dark or too saturated or totally the wrong hue and ugh. So, if the colors look weird, I’m sorry.

This is Q. 

I miss him. 

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I mean, it could’ve been much worse.

horsefly, etc

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Blue pen doodles

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“The travel of Death”

by nikosalazar

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an old doodle from my brother’s sketchbook

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i was bored….