Well...What can I say? I'm a pre-med college student that's socially awkward, generally weird, and borderline insane. This is mostly a place for me to share things I like and how I feel during any particular moment. From depressed to demented to happy to horny. This blog is about the ride. Oh and I'm white male cis scum. Probably a bunch of other things that makes me literally Satan

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I always like Neil Gaiman’s version of Loki in American Gods - Low Key Lyesmith, skeevy convict extraordinaire :B

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Splatter art by Melissa Smith

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the only way that confession blog would be ok is if every confession was written on this picture

even together they look so much better


you don’t need me to take the wheel i think loki’s got a fine handle on this already

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Frigga always carries a bouquet of common flowers from her garden with her, and tosses the flowers, one by one, over the edge of the bridge, and stays to watch them drift; watch them fall over the brink where Asgard ends…

Inspired by A few ghosts of timorous heart (x) by dance_at_bougival

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that’s a fancy way of saying trash

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 You who I called brother
How could you have come to hate me so?
Is this what you wanted?

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Journey Into Mystery #629

So much rhythm and foreboding in a couple of little lines.  Wonderful.

The theories around today’s Mighty Thor are making me nervous.  Especially those involving Ikol, and little Loki’s sanity…