Well...What can I say? I'm a pre-med college student that's socially awkward, generally weird, and borderline insane. This is mostly a place for me to share things I like and how I feel during any particular moment. From depressed to demented to happy to horny. This blog is about the ride. Oh and I'm male.

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what the everliving fuck

Why do people sexualize boobs when we could be doing this with them

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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau by Esben Salling


Official photo of Jusin Bieber’s arrest this morning

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if you don’t think women who take nude photos or put them up on the internet should be respected, and yet your blog is filled with pictures of naked women, then you’re definitely a misogynistic piece of shit



Petting Charts for Cats and Dogs

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‘But don’t shout it out.’

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