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Why, yes. Yes, I am a character designer that works in the game industry. How could you tell???

THIS SO MUCH THIS I pointed this out in
and it’s so very true. And wrong.

But sometimes she has animal ears and sometimes she doesn’t!  Diversity!  And besides, the men all look the same too.  Look they all have eyes and a nose!

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Remember a while back I posted a link to Jim C. Hines trying to pose the way women are posed on novel covers?  (Which has since been re-submitted to me 10000000 times XD )

He’s done a sequel after all the usual “but men are objectified toooo” & “what about romance covers huh? huh? huh?” (this one is particularly problematic in another way because it implies that every other genre is specifically meant to be a hetero male sexual fantasy.


There it is.  The painful life of posing like a man. XD

He’s so brilliant I want to give him infinite hugs. :D



I love that he photoshopped himself in both poses in the last one too.

Edit: I should probably leave his conclusions here too:

In Conclusion

  1. Men on book covers are indeed posed shirtless in ways that show off their musculature. However…
  2. Male poses do not generally emphasize sexuality at the expense of all other considerations.
  3. Male poses do emphasize the character’s power and strength in a way many (most?) female cover poses don’t.
  4. When posed with a woman, the man will usually be in the dominant, more powerful posture.
  5. Male poses do not generally require a visit to the chiropractor afterward.
  6. See also ocelott’s post comparing male and female poses. She comes to pretty much the same conclusions as I did.
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Okay,  so we started doing our workouts in the morning…BAD IDEA. Unfortunately one of us is a little more chipper at this hour. *cough* April *coughcough*

But anyway, we saw this comic book cover and we were like OMIGOD that looks exactly like us when we work out!

BAM! …..We so pro…….yo…………. 

K Bye

This actually looks way more plausible as exercise poses than as any sort of intimidating fighting warrior stance.